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Weekend Shenanigans

Hello folks!!

Summer is officially here (at least in my mind), and that means more beach time!!!  Yay!!!  This weekend we kicked off our summer with a trip to our favorite snorkeling spot, Shili Beach, and boy was it a sight for sore eyes.  Other than the water being ridiculously cold, we had a great time snorkeling with some teachers Nick met while teaching on the island of Cimei.  We saw some clown fish, zebra fish, and I saw two eels!  We even brought the pup along  He didn’t appreciate being left on the beach while we went for a swim, but he had fun digging in the sand and playing ball.  It was a great day, that’s soon to be repeated!

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BBQ Fun!

Ahoy ladies and gents!

Today our topic is Bar-b-que.  Bar-b-que is a well known word in Texas which inspires visions of massive smokers, grills, tubs of potato salad, sweet tea, baked beans, and a sunny Texas afternoon.  Nick and I love bbq!  When we came to Taiwan, we thought we’d have to say goodbye to bbq for a year, but we were surprised to find that bbq is a popular thing here although it is done on a much smaller scale.  Massive smokers are replaced with tiny grills, brisket and baby back ribs are replaced with chicken, fish, squid, and other Taiwanese favorites, like sweet potatoes.  But the thing that the two have in common are friends and fun!

A few weeks ago, we were invited to a BBQ at Anly’s grandparents’ house; they live right on the water, so we had some fantastic views and some great friends to BBQ with.  Anly’s uncle fishes for oysters (I’m not sure fishes is the right term, but you know what I’m saying), so we had some delicious oysters, sweet potatoes, chicken, sausage, and fish.  The whole night was full of fun, laughter, and good food!

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We’re Still Here

Hello friends!

We’re so sorry we’ve been silent for a while.  Nothing’s wrong, we just haven’t been doing much worth blogging about.  I know, you think our lives are always full of excitement and adventure, but sometimes, even we are boring (gasp!). 😛

The best way to sum up the last couple of weeks is rainy, rainy, rainy.  It has been raining all over Taiwan for the last few weeks, and we’re just gearing up for Typhoon season, so we’re pretty sure we’re in for more rain over the next couple months.  Coming from Texas, Nick and I love to sit inside and listen to a good thunder storm, but driving in it on a scooter is not on our top ten list (not even top 100).  Every couple of days the sun will peak through the clouds and we’ll have a rare day of sunshine.  On these days, we try to bask in the sun as much as possible.  A couple weeks ago, on one of these rare sunny days, we took our first trip of the season out to the Banyan tree.  This is one of our favorite places to eat Cactus ice cream and relax in God’s creation, and we loved it!

Now, on to the upcoming fun!  (There it is!  You knew excitement and adventure was coming, didn’t you?)  There are only five weeks left in the Taiwan school year, so we’re super psyched about that.  We also realized that as the school year is drawing to a close, we have a lot of off days to use up before the school year ends, so what better way to use them than to knock some things off our 2013 bucket list!  In June we will learn to scuba dive and take a trip to Hualien, another county in Taiwan.  We also both have to journey to other islands to teach English to the children there in the next two weeks.  Before we know it school will be over, Nick’s sister, Emmelyn, will be here, and we’ll be making the long journey back to Texas to spend our summer time with our family and friends there!  We’re really excited about the months ahead, and we’ll try to update the blog as often as we can.


We hope your summer months are looking as good as ours are!  In the wise words of Calvin and Hobbes, “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want to do” so get out there and do it!

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