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It’s finally here!!!

Tomorrow Nick and I will be flying back to America, back to home!!!  You know the old saying, Parting is such sweet sorrow?  Well I totally understand that now.  Going home is such a bittersweet thing for us.  We’re so excited, because “home” will always be home, no matter how far we travel, but we will be leaving a part of our hearts here in Taiwan.  The whole two years we’ve been living in Taiwan, we’ve been missing friends and family back in the US, but now, going back, we’ll have all of our new friends in Taiwan to miss.  I guess nothing is ever perfect.

We have enjoyed are time here immensely and our lives will forever be changed because of the two years we lived here.  We have gotten to experience new food, new people, new cultures, new languages, and a new way of life, and that can never be taken away. 🙂

On another note…no one ever tells you how much stuff you can acquire over two years.  We tried not to buy things, but it’s inevitable.  So, for the last few days we’ve been going through everything trying to decide what to keep and what to toss because it won’t all fit!!  Where’s a Mary Poppin’s bag when you need one?

Well, I guess it’s farewell for now.  Our next post will be brought to you from the United States of America!!

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Down to the wire!!!!

So, remember how we said we’re leaving on Saturday?  If you’re not sure which Saturday, it’s the one that’s a day from now.  And even though we’ve been working like crazy trying to get things ready, we’re still not completely packed! We do have the essentials, like clothes and underwear etc. but it’s all about the little things.  These little things are so pesky!  They keep cropping up in our minds like weeds.  Deodorant, toothbrushes, measuring cups, socks, and the list goes on!  If you’re packing for a long trip, or a big move, I suggest making a list and actually using it (the using it part was our downfall). 🙂  Google docs is a great way to do this because multiple people can see and add to it.


This is the beginning of our packing process.  Yes, that is a 12 pack of Mac-n-cheese 😀

But anyways… it’s been a great, albeit crazy week!  We celebrated Nick’s birthday almost everyday this week, sold my car (tear), packed lots, and Nick and his dad built a Purple Martin house (those are birds in case you were wondering).


Nick and his dad with the self designed and built Purple Martin house.

Well, I have to finish packing, so it’s ta ta for now 🙂  Hopefully our next post will come all the way from Taipei, Taiwan!! Please pray for our trip and our culture shock.  But more importantly, please pray that God will prepare the place that we are going and the people that we will be meeting.  Please pray for His Divine appointments and for us to have Godly courage, and the words to say to share the Good News!

Thanks for reading!

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Are We There Yet?

Can you believe we will be leaving in less than 2 weeks?!  As our departure is quickly approaching, we are realizing how much preparation goes into moving to another country. Everyday for the past 5 days we have had a long list of errands to run and supplies to procure, I don’t know if we’ll ever get it all done! Thankfully, Nick has a mathematical mind and can keep everything straight, I don’t think I would remember half of it if not for him. 🙂

Here is just a list of some things that we have gotten.
-international driving permits
-suitcases (and can I just say, mine are adorable)
-Pepto Bismol, because you never know
-Doctor’s Appointments (to make sure we are at the top of our game)
-sell our cars
-get residential visas
-and the list goes on

No on to less boring things. 😀 Last Friday we went to a meeting with a bunch of people from Taiwan, including the Ambassador!  That’s right, I said Ambassador, we got to share an elevator with him and he told us that living in Penghu would be like a second year long honeymoon.  We also met a man who lived in Penghu last year, and will be returning to teach this year.  He had the patience to listen to some of our questions and answer them the best he could.  We feel a lot better now. 🙂  We asked him what one thing he thinks we should bring, and he said…American snacks!  Because of this advice, we bought a 12 pack of mac-n-cheese, and a few boxes of cereal to pack in our suitcase. 🙂 He also told us that we can fly to mainland Taiwan whenever we want because it’s just a 40 minute flight.  He also told us we should learn to surf or snorkel, which made me very excited as it’s always been a secret dream of mine.

So, in honor of the title of this post, are you ready for some information about our flight?  We leave Bush Intercontinental on August 11th at 10:30 AM, which, by the way is my parents’ 28th Anniversary (a sad Anniversary gift if you ask me).  From there, we fly to LAX for a 6 hour layover!!!!!  Then we board the plane for Taiwan, and get to relax for the 13 1/2 hour flight to Taipei, Taiwan.  So, with that said, does anyone have any suggestions for what to do on a looooooooong flight?

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