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Under the Sea!

Well, we did it!  We crossed one thing off our 2013 bucket list!  That’s right, you guessed it, scuba diving! (That title’s kinda a dead give away, huh)?    At the beginning of June, Nick and I took some time off work to go to the tiny island of Jiang-Jin to take scuba diving lessons.  We had a great time and saw some absolutely beautiful coral and fish.  Once piece of coral was as big as a car!  In addition to a beautiful bright blue coral, we saw angel fish, some colorful reef fish, groupers, and a sting ray!

Let me break it down for you technical people.  ;P  We arrived in Jiang-Jin on Friday morning, and started the first class of scuba diving after lunch.  We had to start off by taking a swim test which was really easy because we were allowed to use flippers and a snorkel and mask.  While taking this swim test, we got to look at all the beautiful under water life close to the shore.  Next we had to float for ten minutes.  Neither Nick or I can float on our own, but with wet suits, floating was a piece of cake!  Once we passed our tests, we had to watch some informational videos and learn how to assemble our equipment.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to start our official training.  The first few times you go into the water, you are just learning some basic skills and emergency procedures in case something ever goes wrong (losing your regulator for instance).  After you practice the basic skills like replacing a mask, swimming with a buddy, and a myriad of other skills, you are ready to actually start scuba diving!  Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning were spent in the ocean exploring the under water world!  It is so beautiful, and Nick and I couldn’t help but think how awesome it is that we were spending extended amounts of time under water.  Every time I thought about this, I smiled, which is really hard to do with an air regulator in your mouth.  It really is amazing how much life there is under the sea and I felt like I got to see just a little more into how creative God is, which in its self is awe-inspiring!

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, we were ready to take our certification tests.  Yes, it was that quick!  We studied all the information we were given (well, I studied and Nick laughed at me for studying), then we took our tests and passed!!!  We have now joined the ranks of PADI certified open water scuba divers!  The possibilities are endless, and we are already planning our next underwater adventure!

It's official- see those certificates?  Our instructor was great, and we really did have a wonderful time!

It’s official- see those certificates? Our instructor was great, and we really did have a wonderful time!

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We’re Still Here

Hello friends!

We’re so sorry we’ve been silent for a while.  Nothing’s wrong, we just haven’t been doing much worth blogging about.  I know, you think our lives are always full of excitement and adventure, but sometimes, even we are boring (gasp!). 😛

The best way to sum up the last couple of weeks is rainy, rainy, rainy.  It has been raining all over Taiwan for the last few weeks, and we’re just gearing up for Typhoon season, so we’re pretty sure we’re in for more rain over the next couple months.  Coming from Texas, Nick and I love to sit inside and listen to a good thunder storm, but driving in it on a scooter is not on our top ten list (not even top 100).  Every couple of days the sun will peak through the clouds and we’ll have a rare day of sunshine.  On these days, we try to bask in the sun as much as possible.  A couple weeks ago, on one of these rare sunny days, we took our first trip of the season out to the Banyan tree.  This is one of our favorite places to eat Cactus ice cream and relax in God’s creation, and we loved it!

Now, on to the upcoming fun!  (There it is!  You knew excitement and adventure was coming, didn’t you?)  There are only five weeks left in the Taiwan school year, so we’re super psyched about that.  We also realized that as the school year is drawing to a close, we have a lot of off days to use up before the school year ends, so what better way to use them than to knock some things off our 2013 bucket list!  In June we will learn to scuba dive and take a trip to Hualien, another county in Taiwan.  We also both have to journey to other islands to teach English to the children there in the next two weeks.  Before we know it school will be over, Nick’s sister, Emmelyn, will be here, and we’ll be making the long journey back to Texas to spend our summer time with our family and friends there!  We’re really excited about the months ahead, and we’ll try to update the blog as often as we can.


We hope your summer months are looking as good as ours are!  In the wise words of Calvin and Hobbes, “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want to do” so get out there and do it!

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Field Trip!!!

Yesterday was field trip day for our school.  Each grade level went to a different place in Penghu.  Nick and I decided to go with 1st grade to Lintou Park because we had never been before.  It was a warm beautiful day and we enjoyed walking around the beautiful park and watching the kids play.  Kids can be so imaginative; it’s so great to see!

Lintou Park has a little of everything- a playground, foot paths, a beach, pavilions, a restaurant, and a war memorial, everything you could ask for in a park, right?  It was a great time, but we were really tired when we got back.  That’s all I have to say, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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