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It’s finally here!!!

Tomorrow Nick and I will be flying back to America, back to home!!!  You know the old saying, Parting is such sweet sorrow?  Well I totally understand that now.  Going home is such a bittersweet thing for us.  We’re so excited, because “home” will always be home, no matter how far we travel, but we will be leaving a part of our hearts here in Taiwan.  The whole two years we’ve been living in Taiwan, we’ve been missing friends and family back in the US, but now, going back, we’ll have all of our new friends in Taiwan to miss.  I guess nothing is ever perfect.

We have enjoyed are time here immensely and our lives will forever be changed because of the two years we lived here.  We have gotten to experience new food, new people, new cultures, new languages, and a new way of life, and that can never be taken away. 🙂

On another note…no one ever tells you how much stuff you can acquire over two years.  We tried not to buy things, but it’s inevitable.  So, for the last few days we’ve been going through everything trying to decide what to keep and what to toss because it won’t all fit!!  Where’s a Mary Poppin’s bag when you need one?

Well, I guess it’s farewell for now.  Our next post will be brought to you from the United States of America!!

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Food Marathon!

Last weekend, our city hosted a marathon, we didn’t run, because we all know how I feel about that.  Instead, we had a food marathon!  Friday night we made dumplings with some Taiwanese friends, and Saturday we made Hamburgers with some American friends.  I have to say, it was so much better than an actual marathon.

Dumplings are my favorite Taiwanese food.  They’re so yummy, and always make for a quick meal.  Friday night, our friend brought over the ingredients, and we all got to make dumplings and then eat them of course!  We made so many dumplings!  Nick estimates we made around 70!  We fried some, boiled some, and froze some for later. 🙂

Hamburgers are Nick’s favorite American foods, and unfortunately where live in Taiwan, a good burger is hard to come buy.  The best our city has to offer is McDonalds, and if you ask Nick, that is a sad excuse for a hamburger.  In order for Nick to get his burger fix, we made hamburgers ourselves!  We invited some of the other American teachers in our city, and they were just as happy as we were to have a taste of home.  Unfortunately, I was too busy making and eating burgers to take any pictures, but just take my word for it, they looked and tasted delicious!

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BBQ Fun!

Ahoy ladies and gents!

Today our topic is Bar-b-que.  Bar-b-que is a well known word in Texas which inspires visions of massive smokers, grills, tubs of potato salad, sweet tea, baked beans, and a sunny Texas afternoon.  Nick and I love bbq!  When we came to Taiwan, we thought we’d have to say goodbye to bbq for a year, but we were surprised to find that bbq is a popular thing here although it is done on a much smaller scale.  Massive smokers are replaced with tiny grills, brisket and baby back ribs are replaced with chicken, fish, squid, and other Taiwanese favorites, like sweet potatoes.  But the thing that the two have in common are friends and fun!

A few weeks ago, we were invited to a BBQ at Anly’s grandparents’ house; they live right on the water, so we had some fantastic views and some great friends to BBQ with.  Anly’s uncle fishes for oysters (I’m not sure fishes is the right term, but you know what I’m saying), so we had some delicious oysters, sweet potatoes, chicken, sausage, and fish.  The whole night was full of fun, laughter, and good food!

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Greetings 2013!!!

2012 was a great year full of adventures and blessings, friends and laughter, change and peace.  As you know (hopefully) we moved to Taiwan in August to start a year of teaching English on the fun little island of Penghu.  We had recently graduated college and wanted a chance to explore the world, do what we love, and get paid (what else could you want out of a job?) 🙂  God has been with us every step of the way!  He has orchestrated everything from our job search, to getting hired, to getting placed in a wonderful school with wonderful people, and we know He will continue to guide us in 2013.

With that said, lets get on to our New Year’s adventure! (Very smooth transition, right?)

When in Taiwan, there is no better place to ring in the new year than in Taipei.  For the last nine years, the city has put on a wonderful fireworks show at Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world, and our goal was to be there this year!  Like all good adventures, getting there was more than half the fun.

We left our house and hopped on a plane to Taipei with our friend and co-worker Anly early early early on Saturday morning (6:40 to be exact).  Okay, so maybe it’s not that early, but to us, anything before 8 o’clock is too early.  When we arrived in Taipei we bought tickets for a train to Sinchu where our friend was getting married later that day.  Since we bought our tickets the morning of our trip, we had to stand on the hour long train ride, but it was okay because we watched a movie, read, and talked.  We spent the rest of the day walking around Sinchu.  We found a big bookstore (the bookstore was big, not the books :P), ate frozen yogurt (a commodity not found in Penghu), and watched some University students performing in a park-like area.  When evening came, we quickly got dressed for the wedding and hurried over the the venue.  The wedding was beautiful and sweet.  Everything about it was personalized to fit the couple’s style and love story.  We had a great time celebrating their love and eating great food (there was soo much)!

The next morning we woke up and got on a train back to Taipei.  Lucky for us, Anly lived in Taipei for a year, so she knew where everything was!  We went all over the place!  Fisherman’s Wharf, Starbucks, Lover’s Tower (a tall lookout thingy), a really old church, The National Palace Museum (which we only got halfway through, it’s huge!!!), a really big shopping mall (we felt like small town people saying “Wow!  It’s soo big!”), Toys R Us (to get gifts for Anly’s niece and nephew, but we had fun shopping for them), Sun Yet Sen memorial hall, a park with a giant Christmas tree, and lots of places in between.  We, of course, ended our adventure with a viewing of the Taipei 101 fireworks on New Year’s Eve.  It was 188 seconds of firework beauty!

We have been thinking about what our favorite place in Taipei was, but we can’t really pinpoint a certain place.  The most fun was getting to explore the city together and enjoy each other’s company.  After being together for almost four full days, we didn’t want to kill each other (AMAZING)!  I have to admit, when we finally got back home, we were exhausted!  I think I slept a total of eleven hours that night, and it was sweet sweet bliss!

While in Taipei and during these first days of 2013, Nick and I have been reflecting on some goals for this year.  I am posting them in hopes of keeping ourselves accountable.

Here it goes:
1. Read a book every week- CRAZY I know, but we’re going to try.
2. Pray more- together and individually.
3. Learn to scuba dive.
4. Learn to surf.
5. Exercise more (we’ve heard exercising is good for your health or something, who knew???)
6. Explore 2 new counties in Taiwan.
7. Nick wants to write more.
8. Nick also wants to improve his French.
9. I want to improve my Chinese.
10. I also want to blog at least once a week.
11. Go to two new countries (we are starting with Japan).

So there you have it!

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Wednesday was Taiwan National Day or Double Ten Day.  It commemorates the uprising that led to the establishment of The Republic of China, more commonly known as Taiwan. 🙂  Because of this day, we had a holiday from school.  Our friend and co-worker Anly, invited us over to her house for lunch!  Anly has been very helpful and really friendly to us.  She has showed us where many places are around town, and always answers any questions we have about anything.  Needless to say, we were very excited to be invited over to her house.  When we arrived at her house, we met her mom, aunt, sister, and her niece and nephew.  Then we sat down to a tasty looking lunch.  The main dish was fried rice balls.  They were delicious.  They are made with rice (obviously), mixed with some bits of honey ham, and cilantro.  Once that is mixed, you roll it into a  ball and put some cheese in the middle.  Next you roll it in bread crumbs and fry it.  So unhealthy for you, but really really tasty.  They also served some chicken soup, seaweed (surprisingly tasty), white carrots, and pork.  It was all so good, Nick and I were stuffed by the time lunch was finished.

After everyone was finished eating, we sat and chatted for a little bit.  Anly’s mom and aunt asked us a little about our lives and where we come from.  It was wonderful getting to talk with them!  The kids- Melody, who is seven, and Hugo, who is five were playing in the living room, and eventually, Hugo put on a home made Patrick (Spongebob’s best friend) mask and started waving a sword.  I then proceeded to put on a Spongebob mask and challenged him to a duel.  He accepted and we both fought valiantly, but being the kind person I am, I let him win.  After that, we started playing with trucks on the floor and he was serving us make believe ice cream and drinks.  He was quite the little host. 🙂 It was so much fun!  It’s surprising how much you can communicate even when you don’t share a language.  We have never felt lonely here, which is wonderful!!!  Everyone is so kind to us and makes us feel included.

We also invited Anly to church with us on Sunday, so hopefully she will come and enjoy it.  Continue to be praying for us!  Our church is starting and English Bible Study for us on Sunday, so we are really excited for that, and hopefully it will help us get more involved at church.  Also, Nick’s parents are coming tomorrow, so we are excited for that, and hope they have a fun time.  Please pray that we will continue to be a light to the people here and will follow God’s lead. 🙂

From left to right: Melody, Anly’s mom, Me, Hugo, Nick, Anly’s aunt, and Anly


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