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Up Up and Away!

Hot Air Balloons.  Who doesn’t love them? Only weirdos I’m sure.  It’s on my bucket list to take a hot air balloon ride, and I thought my chance had come while we were in Hualien, but unfortunately, our butterfly hike took too long and we were late for the line. Shucks!  But, I’m looking on the bright side.  I’m only 23 and have my whole life to take that magical hot air balloon ride!  Although my dream of riding on a hot air balloon did not come to fruition, we did sit and watch the balloons go up and down for about an hour.  Is there anything better in life?

While watching the hot air balloons, we learned something very life changing.  Wait for itttt….Girls like to take pictures of themselves.  (SURPRISE!)  There were some girls who, instead of enjoying the magic that is the hot air balloon, spent the WHOLE TIME trying to take selfies or making their poor boyfriends take millions (I’m not exaggerating here) of pictures of them jumping up in front of the hot air balloons.  It was ridiculous!  I contemplated throwing my french fries at them, but I didn’t want to waste the deliciousness of the fried food I was stuffing into my mouth.


Okay, enough with that rant.  Despite the picture girls, seeing the hot air balloons was wonderful (so were the french fries)!

After we had seen enough of the hot air balloons, we made our way to an aboriginal restaurant for their famous fish soup.  There are still many aboriginal tribes in Taiwan.  The aboriginal people are the first people who were in Taiwan, sort of like the Native Americans (minus the Trail of Tears).  They try very hard to keep their culture alive by living in more traditional ways and sometimes will put on shows for tourists, or in this case, open a restaurant.  To make the soup, they will first heat some rocks up to 1,000 degrees Celsius (that’s REALLY hot), and then make a bowl out of some leaves and put in the fish, some broth and vegetables.  When the soup is ready to cook, they will take the rocks out of the fire and put them in the soup.  The soup cooks very quickly because of the temperatures of the rocks.  I have to say I was a little nervous when I was first trying this soup (I mean, rocks, really?), but it turned out to be really yummy!  Nick even liked it and he doesn’t really like fish!

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