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Hi we are Nick and Olivia, and we’re embarking on our first big adventure.  We both grew up in Houston, Texas.  We got married in June of 2011, and decided it was time for a change.  After graduating college with teaching degrees, we figured there was no bigger adventure than moving away from everything we know and starting a new life in a new country.  After much searching, God led us to Taiwan!  We got on a plane in August 2012 and have never looked back!  This blog attempts to catalogue our adventures living in Penghu County, Taiwan.  It also is a way for everyone back home to live our adventure with us.  We are trusting God that He has great plans for us here and that He will always take care of us.  It’s a great feeling when you learn to let God take control and follow His lead!  Sit back, relax, and journey with us!



7 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. amriel

    We can’t wait to read about your journey as you share the impact the two of you will have on a non-christian community.

  2. Clay

    We are so excited to hear about all the new experiences you will have on life abroad.

  3. Gert DeKruyf

    We’ll be watching for your posts!

  4. Judy

    We are so excited for you both enjoy every minute of it!

  5. Rebecca Bennett

    “Following” and looking forward to your blog updates! Thanks for allowing us all to share your experience 🙂

  6. Lauren

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog after Googling “teaching English in Penghu”. I’m teaching in New Taipei City now, and last summer when I went to Penghu for vacation, I LOVED it! Could you email me with some more details? I couldn’t really find a better way to contact you, and I would rather hear the REAL description of the job than the sugary version from the employment agency 🙂 Thank you SO much!
    -Lauren ( )

  7. Hi! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award because I really enjoyed going through your posts. Check it out at this link:

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