A Birthday Extravaganza!!!

December 19th was my 24th birthday!!!  I’m getting old! 😛  To celebrate, Nick took me to Kaohsiung, the second biggest city in Taiwan and boy did we party!!! By party, I mean we went to bed by 11pm each night.  We’re crazy, I know!!!! (Like I said, I’m getting old).

Despite our old people sleeping habits, we had a great time!!!  We kicked off our weekend adventure with a small night market near our hotel.  They had some really interesting food choices.  Huge octopus tentacles and oysters were just a few (and they say everything’s bigger in Texas).  In addition to all the food, we also saw lots of dog clothing shops.  The people here love their dogs, and, in my humble opinion,  love dressing them up even more!  I think there’s something in the water, because Nick and I stopped at every shop to look for something for Bai.  What’s happening to us?!!!!  Fortunately, they were all too small for him.

The next day, we went to the Pier 2 outdoor art gallery.  As we were leaving the MRT station, we started seeing people dressed oddly and with weird looking hair, and thought, “hmm, that’s odd.”  As we got closer, we started seeing more and more of these odd looking people, then it hit us, we had walked right into the middle of an Anime Festival!  There were people EVERYWHERE dressed up as Japanese comic characters complete with blue hair, huge swords, and crazy outfits.  We spent the afternoon walking around and trying not to gawk too much at the costumed people.  It was…interesting.

The last big hooray of our trip was spending Sunday at Eda Amusement Park.  Amusement parks in Taiwan are very small, so there were only about 5 big rides, but the lines were short, and the rides were fun, so we’re not complaining.  It was comical to watch a group of teenage boys in line in front of us (all with the same haircut mind you) feel each other’s racing hearts right before boarding one of the roller coasters.

We had lots of fun and managed to squeeze in the second Taiwanese county to fulfill our New Year’s resolution we made in January!!!

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5 thoughts on “A Birthday Extravaganza!!!

  1. Gina

    What and adventure! LOVE your pictures, too!

  2. Belva Bowers

    Looks so fun!

  3. Patty Broadway

    Guys! John’s roommate for TAMU is an 18-year old Freshman from China. He came home with John for Christmas Break so we are all learning Mandarin and playing a lot of Mahjong. (He’s been in the States for all of 4 months!) We went to Chinatown (down by HBU) and bought tons of groceries and chopsticks. I’m cooking Chinese so that he doesn’t starve; he has not been able to eat American food yet with much success. He’s brilliant on the piano, and he’s taught us several Chinese card games. The most amusing thing is that he is the Chinese version of John!! Anyway, I will be sad to see them go back to College Station. Here is a tip: look at the bottom of a turtle shell and you will find the Chinese characters for “king” and “eight”. (Do you know that card game slanged “turtle”, where the loser gets stuck with the king and the eight?) Happy New Year (American), guys!!!

  4. Jennifer

    Oni con happens in Galveston every October. It is a big thing around here for Sam, Zack and all their friends. I saw many of the same costumes here in Texas. Here is a link to Oni con for October 2013.

  5. Clay

    Such great adventures. You will have memories to share for a life time. Wow! Just 7 months until you return to the states. 🙂

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