What’s the number for 911?

119 of course!  We are in Taiwan after all.

Wednesday was field trip day, and we went with the 2nd grade to visit the Fire Station!  I have to admit, I was really excited about this excursion, just imagine all the possibilities!  Climbing ladders, spraying the water hose, sitting in the fire engine, it all seems so much fun!  I was so excited I even contemplated putting black spots on Bai so I could pretend he was a fire house Dalmatian, but Nick wouldn’t let me. 😦 Oh well.


In the midst of our busy week, I had forgotten all about the field trip to the Fire Station, but I woke up Wednesday morning with lots of excitement!  It’s a good thing I’m not a dog, or I would’ve had an accident. 😛  The first activity of the day was riding the elevator up to the sixth floor to listen to a presentation from the Fire Fighters.  This was enough excitement for the kids, you’d think they’ve never ridden in an elevator before by all the oohs and ahhs.  After the presentation, the real fun began!  The kids rotated through some stations like riding the bucket, spraying the hose, getting in the ambulance, and sitting in the fire truck.  They were having so much fun!

Being foreigners kind of gives you instant celebrity here in Taiwan, and we got another taste of that at the Fire Station.  The fire fighters let us spray the hose all by ourselves, ride up high in the bucket, and try on the fire fighter uniform. They even made us honorary fire fighters by giving us each an official Magong Fire Brigade patch!!! 😀  It was so much fun!

Us with our official Penghu County Fire Brigade patches and new fire fighter friend!

Us with our official Magong Fire Brigade patches and new fire fighter friend!

Afterwards, we all went to the park across the street where the students ate and ate and ate all their snacks from home.  Those little kids can really pack it away!

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2 thoughts on “What’s the number for 911?

  1. I stinking LOVE the picture of Nick carrying you! ADORBS!!

    Also. You’re a great writer. And I love being able to read about your adventures. I’m glad you’re my SIL! I laugh at least once every time I read one of your posts.

  2. Michael Johnson

    This may be the best of the best of your blogs 😉 Will they let you take the fire bike for a spin? And since you live right around the corner, are you going to stop in each day after school and say hi to your newfound additional friends? You could walk Bai over, put your black spots on him, put him up in the fire engine and get a pict of that! Looking forward to having dinner with your ma and pa tonight and as a way to feel in solidarity with you all we will be eating at your favorite spot–BJs!

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