It’s November!!  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by.  It seems I say this every year, but time just always slips away.  Why is that?  I guess we should just be reminded to enjoy our lives and be content with what God has given us now.  You know, Carpe Diem, or live in the moment, or YOLO, or whatever it is that motivates you to enjoy the time you have, since we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

But, enough of that serious stuff! 😛

Onto Halloween!  Our school always throws a big shebang every year for Halloween, and this year was just as much fun as ever.  We had a costume contest (with some great costumes), made play doh for a scary monster sculpting event, and gave out lots of candy!

Halloween normally sneaks up on Nick and me like a ghost.  We usually don’t start planning our costumes until Halloween is a week away, and by then it’s too late to be very creative, but this year was different!  Maybe it’s the fact that we were teaching Halloween for the four weeks prior to the actual holiday, or the plethora of costume ideas online, but whatever it was, we couldn’t forget that Halloween was coming.  We started planning our costumes a couple weeks into October, and we got pretty excited about it!  I was a pirate, and Nick was (for lack of a better title) a cardboard man.  I think this year has set a precedent for our Halloween costumes every year, we really have to step up our game from now on because now we realize it’s fun!

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2 thoughts on “Halloweenie

  1. Michael Johnson

    You bring a smile to my face!

  2. Belva Bowers

    Fun! Looks like the kids had fun making their costumes also!

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