Penghu Traditional Market: This Little Piggy Went to Market!

Hello there!  I am Nick’s sister – Emmelyn.  I’m visiting them in the HOT Taiwan, and decided to write a guest blog post for them :).  I had a little help to make sure my facts are correct!

On Saturday, Nick and Olivia took me to the traditional market in Magong.  There is a large building in the center of the market where the meat is sold (chicken, pork, beef).  Outside, vendors sell produce, fresh fish (some still flopping around), clothing, accessories, and more!

Some vendors are at tables, but others set up their goods on the ground for purchase.

2013-07-06 Taiwan Trip 404

2013-07-06 Taiwan Trip 406

Often, you will see vendors preparing their goods for sale.  It’s amazing how fast they can peel a pineapple!

2013-07-06 Taiwan Trip 442

There are many familiar fruits and vegetables like apples, pineapple, bananas, nectarines, and more.

2013-07-06 Taiwan Trip 411

Nick buying some delicious dragon fruit!

But there are also many things that are not as common in the states, like dragon fruit, lychee, etc.

2013-07-06 Taiwan Trip 412


All-in-all, a fun, but STRONG SMELLING experience!  I was glad Nick gave me some strong gum!

~Emmelyn from thisthatandcraft

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