Yesterday I experienced my first earthquake.  I was at my desk writing something, and all of a sudden my desk kind of wiggled.  I looked up and my co-workers were surprised and we said, “Earthquake!” at the same time.  Nick was out teaching and he didn’t even feel it.

After posting my excitement over experiencing an earthquake on facebook, I saw that my friends in Taiwan (that’s what the locals call the main body of Taiwan) were posting that the earthquake was the biggest one they have experienced since being here.  Taiwan gets earthquakes fairly frequently, but they hardly ever reach the little islands of Penghu, so the fact that we felt it is testament to how big it actually was.  From the reports I’ve heard, the earthquake was a 6.1, which is pretty big, with at least one injury.  If you want to read about it, you can go here.

Well that’s all for now.  We just wanted everyone to know we’re safe. 🙂  Hopefully we’ll have a longer post later in the week.

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One thought on “Earthquake!

  1. Lynn Otto

    Glad you are safe. I sure enjoy your posts.

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