The Dog Days

Hello everyone!

I have to start out by saying that Nick and I are really liking it here.  We have started to feel more at home here.  We’re getting to know our way around town better, we know the names of the roads (an accomplishment for sure), and everyday we’re discovering new cool things about Penghu (like stores decorate for Christmas)!!!

On to the important stuff!  Nick and I volunteered to keep a friend’s dog for a while when she is out of town.  Our official duty does not start until December 8th, but we got a free trial this weekend, you know, just to make sure we all like each other.  We had so much fun keeping him!  I think he likes us, and we definitely like him! 🙂  I am so excited to be keeping him for a longer stint; having a dog in our house has been a long journey.

Meet Bai. Bai means “white” in Chinese

Before we got married, Nick insisted that he would never want a dog.  I pleaded and pleaded with him, and finally he said maybe, but it would have to be an outside dog.  I did not like this response, so I pleaded and pleaded, and he didn’t really budge on that for a while.  I understand his concerns, but I just feel like it’s so harsh to leave a dog outside all the time.  I know everyone has different opinions on this, but that’s just me.  Finally one day (unprovoked I might add) Nick started talking about getting a Cocker Spaniel one day.  I was estatic!!!  A Cocker Spaniel was not my dream dog (I’ve always wanted a chocolate Lab), but it’s a dog none-the-less!!!  As the time went on, we would talk about a future involving a dog, this always made me happy.  You know, studies say that people with dogs are much happier. 🙂

Anyways, flash forward to our life in Taiwan.  There are dogs everywhere!  People here really love their dogs, I mean like really love their dogs.  They will take them everywhere!  The funniest dog sighting we have seen was a lady in McDonalds, feeding her dog (who was sitting on a chair in a sweater) french fries and chicken.  She even blew on the food to cool it down for the dog.  Now that is love, and slight insanity. 😛  Watching everyone’s love affair with dogs made me really want to have one!!!  I would ask Nick all the time if we could have a dog, and like the reasonable person he is, he would remind me that it wouldn’t be fair to the dog because were would be leaving soon.  I understood his reasoning completely, but I still wanted a furry companion.  Then we met Sharon.

Sharon does all sorts of humanitarian stuff around Penghu, and Taiwan.  She works on the island of Wanganyu during the summer, rescues animals, scuba dives, and is learning to free dive.  We met her while at The Beach Break surf shop one day.  She told us that she was going out of town a couple times this year, and needed some people to keep one of her dogs.  We immediately said yes, and have since fallen in love with Bai!!!

Aren’t we a cute family?

While we had him, he was such a good boy!  We immediately learned that he really likes to cuddle.  Whenever you start to pet him, he’ll put his head up against you and lean in.  It’s so cute and he wins me over every time.  He was also very chill when we had him.  He just went with the flow and loved going for walks!  Monday morning, the alarm went off and the clock said 7:50!  We are supposed to be at work at 8, so I woke Nick up and we rushed around to get ready.  Nick had to take the dog out, and when he got back in 5 minutes later, he looked at the clock again and said that it was 6:50.  I double checked all the clocks in the house, and he was right, it was 6:50, I had just read the clock wrong!  But the whole time, Bai didn’t care a bit, but he was really excited when we took him for a longer walk!

No animals were hurt in the production of this picture.

We will train Bai to do this!

Well that’s all I have to say about that.  Love you all, and talk to you later.

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4 thoughts on “The Dog Days

  1. I think I can see Bai’s personality in his eyes. He sounds like the perfect dog for you. Has Nick told you about the personality of our Cocker Penny? When I agreed to have a dog, I was looking forward to a docile lovable, cuddable dog. My heart sank when Gina, Emmelyn and Nick wanted the liveliest, most-rambunctious one of the litter, but for them I acquiesced. He will have to tell you about Penny’s personality.

  2. Belva Bowers

    I just love all the updates you post! Sounds like you three had a fun weekend!
    Cute salsa dog!

  3. LOVE your writing, Liv! Great blog post (again) and adorable dog. Just remember that your MIL and SIL are allergic to dogs….Maybe all the dogs in Penghu are what made my eyes itch so badly while we were there! 😉

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