A Taiwan Thanksgiving

Doesn’t that sound like a Lifetime movie title? 🙂  That’s one thing I’ll miss this Christmas season, but thanks to the world wide web, I can watch some of the Lifetime Christmas movies online, the only thing that will be missing is my mom.  But enough rambling, I’m here to talk about our Thanksgiving.

So in case you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is an American holiday (well Canada too, but I’m not sure why) and most people in Taiwan know nothing about it.  We, being the food obsessed people that we are, stepped up to the task of informing our co-workers and students about Thanksgiving traditions in America.  For the last two weeks, Nick and I have been teaching our students words such as Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Native Americans, and thankfulness.  It really got me into the Christmas spirit (I’m not sure how that happened, but alas, it did).

So with each lesson, Thanksgiving day got closer and closer, and Nick and I realized we had no idea what we would do.  We thought about making some of the yummy Thanksgiving dishes, but decided that wasn’t the way to go.  We then thought about having a quiet night at home with some pizza and movies, but decided that sounded too depressing.  And then on Monday night we ate at a fantastic restaurant for my parents’ last meal here and knew that was going to be our Thanksgiving dinner location!  We decided we would eat there with some friends from work, holidays are always better with friends. 🙂

Nick and I on Thanksgiving

When Thanksgiving got here, it was warm and humid just like a Houston Thanksgiving!  We were also observed by some people from the Ministry of Education (not magic).  If you don’t know what that means, they are the people who hired and pay us.  I was a little nervous, but overall we were both confident in our lessons and teaching skills, and ended up getting good reviews!  Thanks HBU!

Yes, we’re dancing! You gotta keep those little ones movin’!


That evening we had a really good Bible study (more on that to come later), and went off to dinner at Camera Cuisine.  We had a wonderful time with Sophie and Anly!  We saw some pictures from Sophie’s trip to Spain, talked about random things, and discussed our New Year’s trip to Taipei!  We ended the evening with going around and saying what we are thankful for!  We had to include that in our Thanksgiving dinner.  We left for home totally stuffed and happy.  It wasn’t your typical Thanksgiving day or meal, but it was great none-the-less! 🙂

Our Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!  We are so thankful that we have a wonderful loving Savior, a very supportive and loving family, a job that lets us be silly and live in a new country, and friends all over the world!

❤ Liv

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2 thoughts on “A Taiwan Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving wasn’t the same without you here!
    Glad you had a good day! We love and miss you!

  2. Clay

    Your blog and pictures mean so much more now that we have seen everything first hand. You and Nick did such a great job teaching on Thanksgiving. Pilgrims is a hard word for Taiwanese to say. I can think of no better way to spend Thanksgiving in Taiwant than with Anly and Sophie at Camera Cusine. That place is so good. Absolutely delicious food and service. Love you both!

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