Wednesday was Taiwan National Day or Double Ten Day.  It commemorates the uprising that led to the establishment of The Republic of China, more commonly known as Taiwan. 🙂  Because of this day, we had a holiday from school.  Our friend and co-worker Anly, invited us over to her house for lunch!  Anly has been very helpful and really friendly to us.  She has showed us where many places are around town, and always answers any questions we have about anything.  Needless to say, we were very excited to be invited over to her house.  When we arrived at her house, we met her mom, aunt, sister, and her niece and nephew.  Then we sat down to a tasty looking lunch.  The main dish was fried rice balls.  They were delicious.  They are made with rice (obviously), mixed with some bits of honey ham, and cilantro.  Once that is mixed, you roll it into a  ball and put some cheese in the middle.  Next you roll it in bread crumbs and fry it.  So unhealthy for you, but really really tasty.  They also served some chicken soup, seaweed (surprisingly tasty), white carrots, and pork.  It was all so good, Nick and I were stuffed by the time lunch was finished.

After everyone was finished eating, we sat and chatted for a little bit.  Anly’s mom and aunt asked us a little about our lives and where we come from.  It was wonderful getting to talk with them!  The kids- Melody, who is seven, and Hugo, who is five were playing in the living room, and eventually, Hugo put on a home made Patrick (Spongebob’s best friend) mask and started waving a sword.  I then proceeded to put on a Spongebob mask and challenged him to a duel.  He accepted and we both fought valiantly, but being the kind person I am, I let him win.  After that, we started playing with trucks on the floor and he was serving us make believe ice cream and drinks.  He was quite the little host. 🙂 It was so much fun!  It’s surprising how much you can communicate even when you don’t share a language.  We have never felt lonely here, which is wonderful!!!  Everyone is so kind to us and makes us feel included.

We also invited Anly to church with us on Sunday, so hopefully she will come and enjoy it.  Continue to be praying for us!  Our church is starting and English Bible Study for us on Sunday, so we are really excited for that, and hopefully it will help us get more involved at church.  Also, Nick’s parents are coming tomorrow, so we are excited for that, and hope they have a fun time.  Please pray that we will continue to be a light to the people here and will follow God’s lead. 🙂

From left to right: Melody, Anly’s mom, Me, Hugo, Nick, Anly’s aunt, and Anly


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3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Belva Bowers

    It is so comforting to know that friendship and communication has its own special language. Reminds me of an old song that says, love in any language fluently spoken here! We love you and can’t wait to meet everyone!

  2. Loved meeting Anly tonight and so appreciate her help to rent the scooter for Gina and I to use next week.

  3. Rebecca Bennett

    So funny how you pointed out which ones were you and Nick in the pic, lol! 😉
    The Fried Rice Balls sound SOOOO GOOD! Yum!

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