A Satisfying Breakfast

Hello Everyone!

So I’ve been having writer’s block this week.  We did have some fun this weekend, but I felt like it wasn’t anything to write home about, but after much deliberation and a slow day at work, I’ve decided to let you guys take a small peek at some of our weekend (however bleh it may seem to you).

Saturday morning we were Skyping with Nick’s parents over breakfast and were just planning on having a low key kind of day.  When we were finished with our Skype convo, we got an unexpected call from a guy from our church.  We had been wanting to get together with him for a while because he is from the States, and therefore speaks English.  Yippee!  He has also been living in Taiwan for 25 years, so we thought we could get some wisdom from him.  Well he took us to a brunch place that served Western breakfast!  We both got French Toast!!!!  It wasn’t the best, but hey, it’s still French Toast. 🙂  He told us his story of how he came to live in Taiwan.  This is kind of a tradition whenever you meet a foreigner, everyone wants to know how and why you got here.  He told us a great story of his desire to go where God wanted him to be and all the ups and downs of his journey.  Now he has been happily married to a Taiwanese lady for 14 years and owns his own English school in Penghu.  It’s always refreshing to hear of another believer’s journey of faith.

That led us to ask the question that we had been dying to ask, but hadn’t gotten the chance to yet, and frankly made us a little nervous.  We asked him if there was any way we could get involved at our church here.  We weren’t really sure how two non-Chinese-speaking Americans could help out in a church full of  non-English speaking Taiwanese, but he was quick to reassure us that they would love our involvement.  He gave us some ideas and we have been praying about them this week and will hopefully talk to some people on Sunday who can give us more direction.  The options are A) start an English speaking Bible study in our house.  He thinks people would be very excited for a chance to practice English, as well as go to Bible study B) get involved in the college ministry.  Many of the college students know some English already, so they would be welcoming to us. C)  Get involved with the young adult ministry.

We haven’t made up our minds yet, but we have been praying and would love it if y’all would lift us up in prayer as well!  We (I) am a little fearful, but I know that God will provide a way for us to do whatever He wants us to do.  So it turned out to be a not so low key kind of day.  We were really glad we had lunch with Larry, and it pretty much started the process of changing our lives here in Taiwan!

Sunday was a great day too, but I’ll share that experience with you tomorrow 🙂  Aren’t I a tease?

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6 thoughts on “A Satisfying Breakfast

  1. Belva Bowers

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Auntie

    I’m confident that God will make very clear the path of involvement He wants for you both at your church there. He’s pretty good about that kind of thing. I’m so happy that you got the opportunity to have lunch with him.

  3. Patty Broadway

    That is awesome, truly wonderful! God has had that brunch of yours with Larry on His appointment book for a very, very long time. And He will continue to order your steps in Asia because He is faithful. He has perfect timing. He promises to equip you for the work He plans for you. Wherever He puts you, it’s going to be GREAT because the Spirit has already gone out there ahead of you. 🙂

  4. Who knew what would come of the “interruption” phone call! So glad you have a Christian friend in church who speaks English and can help you “plug in” for serving God. YAY!!! And if I may….You could also have a Bible/English study for those who don’t go to church. Reaching the UNchurched! The Church could help launch it…. Just a thought. I’m excited for you both!

  5. 🙂 Cannot think of a better reason for our skype call to get interrupted and you having to rush off.

  6. Rebecca Bennett

    That is so awesome Liv! God will work his wonder and amaze you with new and exciting ways to worship! The college ministry sounds like a perfect fit for you guys (JMO). Working with the next generation of Taiwan. I’m sure God will open the path in the direction he needs you to follow 🙂

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