Let’s go for a drive!

Those were Nick’s words Sunday morning.  We had been wanting to drive North to a few of the townships in Penghu.  Magong City is the only city in Penghu.  The other islands are only considered townships. (There’s a factual snack for you).  Anyways, after church Sunday morning we went to get new helmets.  New helmets you say?!  Didn’t you just get helmets with your new scooter?  Yes, and yes.  Winter in Penghu is very windy, and we got a little taste of that this weekend.  The wind was so strong, that we could barely hold our eyes open while driving, and the wind would get under our helmets and pull them up, practically choking us.  Our new helmets are full helmets.  They have the windscreen that comes down in front of your face, and they completely cover our heads, unlike our last ones which were basically hats.

So, prepared with our new helmets, we started out on our journey.  The first stop we made was to see the windmill farm.  There wasn’t too much to see there, but we took a picture to document the event, and continued on our way.

Me in front of the windmill farm (it was very windy, so excuse my crazy hair).

From there, we traveled to the Great Bridge.  This bridge connects two of the islands.  Before we crossed, we stopped and took pictures of course, and headed on over to the Banyan tree nearby.  Banyan trees are interesting trees.  They have many aerial roots that all look like tree trunks.  They grow over a large area of land, and the roots are indistinguishable from the original trunk.  It was very nice to sit under the tree and relax.  While we were there, we got some cactus ice cream that was surprisingly very tasty!  It is a specialty here in Penghu.  I wouldn’t have guessed this before becoming more familiar with Penghu, but the climate here is very dry, so cactus grow here.  When we were walking around beneath the shade of the tree, a tour guide recognized us as the English teachers at Wen Ao.  Unfortunately, he only spoke Chinese, but eventually we understood what he was trying to say.  (We now know how to say English teacher in Chinese).

Would you like to learn? Okay, here it goes English= yīng wén  teacher= Lǎo shī.  I know, you’re thinking, this doesn’t look like Chinese!  Don’t worry, this is a way of writing Chinese called pin yin.  It’s easier for us English speakers because, to us, traditional Chinese looks like  lines and doesn’t make any sense.   Pin yin is supposed to tell you how to say it, but it doesn’t help much unless you know how to pronounce the words in pin yin (it’s not like English pronunciation).  So I’ll try my best to type it phonetically.  Ying= ing wen=when (yīng wén)  lao= lao shi=shir (Lǎo shī) so all together Ing Wen Lao Shir means English teacher! Have fun with that 😀

The Banyan tree

This is us with our Cactus Ice Cream under the Banyan tree.

After we left the Banyan tree, we drove over the Great Bridge and went to the Whale Cave.  Don’t places have great names here?! The whale cave is a cliff that the ocean has eroded so it kinda looks like a whale.  We absolutely loved it here!  The roar of the ocean is so loud, you are able to just sit and take in God’s creation.  I felt so peaceful sitting there watching the ebb and flow of the waves and hearing it crash onto the rocks.  The wind was blowing very fiercely as well, so the rest of the world sort of disappears for a few moments and you’re left with yourself and God!  It was the perfect time to have a little chat with Him.  From our perch up high (we kind of wandered off of the paved path, which was totally worth it) we could also see a basalt cliff.  Basalt is rock made from lava, and is very common here, in fact they use it to make walls around their vegetable gardens to keep the wind from blowing everything away.  It is beautiful to look at because it has many different colors.

The entrance to the Great Bridge

The Whale Cave

Some waves breaking over the rocks. Did I mention these were huge waves?

So after seeing all this, we went to an old fort that has been here for a long time.  We didn’t take any pictures, because there really wasnt’ much to see, and honestly we were tired.  So after that short expedition we decided to return home.  So we rode straight home.  This ride lasted an hour, and was very uncomfortable.  Riding for an hour on a scooter is not fun.  When we got home our backs were sore and our legs were cramped from staying in one position for too long.  Our pain paled in comparison to the wonderful time we had and the beautiful sights we saw on our trip. 🙂  We will definitely go back, and take any one who wants to see, but we will take frequent breaks. 🙂

See y’all

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8 thoughts on “Let’s go for a drive!

  1. Erin Timmons-Mitchell

    That looks like so much fun.

  2. I include your posts as my “world traveler by proxy” resume! You guys are doing a great job bringing us into your life, and bringing Jesus into their lives…be blessed, my friends!

  3. Belva Bowers

    Looks beautiful! A whale of a tale!

  4. Clay Bowers

    Your pictures and descrptive details bring us right into your world of adventure. Can’t wait to see it in person. You make an excellent Ing Wen Lao Shir!

  5. Can’t wait to get there and enjoy it with you for a bit!

  6. Gina Johnson

    Nice! Thanks for the window into your travels and the Mandarin lesson! We love you guys!

  7. Gert DeKruyf

    We love your posts! We’re “arm-chair travelers” on this adventure with you. Love you both!

  8. Rebecca Bennett

    FUN! So pretty and unique 🙂

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