One Amazing God!

Nick and I were able to go to church this weekend!  We didn’t know what time the church started, so we walked in right in the middle of the sermon.  It’s okay though, everyone was understanding.

While we couldn’t understand what was being said, we could feel the spirit moving throughout the people.  When the praise and worship started, we didn’t know what they were singing, but many of the songs were ones we were familiar with in English, so while they were singing in Chinese we were singing in English.  It brought tears to my eyes to know that even though we are in a different country, and the people are singing a different language, we are all worshiping the same magnificent God!  The knowledge that the same God who sent his son to die for me and the people I know back home is the same God who sent his son to die for people half a world away from me is beyond comprehension!  It really reassured me that Christianity is not just something we do for fun, or because it is habit, but because we are the children of a loving living God!

For God so loved the WORLD that He gave His only begotten son, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

That’s all for now, but I think it is worth having it’s own blog post.  Take some time today to meditate on who God is and what He has done for everyone in the world.

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4 thoughts on “One Amazing God!

  1. Clay

    What a wonderful post, baby girl. I do believe you got a glimpse of what heaven will really be like. Revelation reminds us that every tribe, nation, and tongue will worship the Savior around the throne. I’m so thankful you are getting to experience Christianity from a different culture and perspective.

    • howard bowers

      gives me chills just thinkin bout it!Can’t wait…we serve an awesome God!

  2. Rebecca

    That is SO awesome!!!

  3. Gert DeKruyf

    We are all part of the one body.

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