Home Sweet Home!

We finally have pictures of our house!  We really love it, and it fits our needs perfectly 🙂

I’ll try and take you through a virtual tour.

This is the front of our house.

This is the porch. We want to get some plants to put out there.

The other side of the living room.

Our kitchen 🙂 This is the one thing we really wanted.

And, this is the kitchen table. You can barely see the fridge, but it’s there 🙂

I bet you know what this is 🙂

It was a little strange at first not to have a traditional shower, but we are getting used to it.  We just have to make sure not to bump our heads on the bottom of the stairs.

On to the second floor!

This is the door to the first bedroom. It’s on the first landing.

This is the inside of bedroom #1

More stairs!

This is the second bedroom.

This is our bedroom! 🙂

The last flight of stairs.

This is the top floor. It opens onto the roof.

This is the roof. We dry our clothes on it. It’s also really cool up here at night, so sometimes we’ll come sit out here.

So that’s it!  It’s not much, but it’s home for us! 🙂  We really enjoy living here.  It’s about five minutes from our work (three if we hit all green lights).  We can also walk to the grocery store, 7-11 and a delicious bakery.  The first few days we lived here we were at the stores so much getting supplies that they started to recognize us.  Of course I’m sure that isn’t hard considering we kinda stand out.  Our next door neighbor is Canadian (we share a rooftop) and has been very helpful to us.  She told us where some good stores and beaches are.  We haven’t been everywhere yet, but she gave us many good ideas!

One fun thing we want to share about the culture here in Taiwan is that the garbage truck comes around every night.  They play a song like the ice cream truck does back home, and everyone brings their trash out.  It seems to be sort of like a social event on our street. 🙂 Every other night, a recycling truck follows the garbage truck.  It’s fun to watch everyone throw their garbage in the truck.  We like to call it the garbage Olympics.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and hearing about our neighborhood.  We are loving it here!

See ya,

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18 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. ginayj

    Thanks for the tour! I take it you don’t have AC in the whole house?

  2. Faythe Miller

    Your apartment looks just like I remember when I was there in 80’s!

  3. Belva Bowers

    I like it!! Thanks for sharing! It came furnished just like we were hoping and all those extras like the fans. The garbage thing is too funny and I can picture people running to catch the truck! Love you

  4. Wow, three bedrooms? Are you gonna have roommates, or will those become offices? Your place is nicer than MY first apartment, when I was newlywed, I’m so jealous! Loving the blog, it feels like we are right there with you. We have you in our prayers, and God has you in His hands!

    • They are going to be guest rooms! 🙂 We really lucked out with this house! 🙂 The first option was a one bedroom apartment with no kitchen. We thought that would be a little cramped.

  5. Clay

    Great “virtual tour” of the house. Can’t wait to see it in person. I can envision people running in slow motion to the garbage truck with the theme song from Chariots of Fire playing in the background. Love ya!

  6. Auntie

    Loved the tour! The house looks great! 达姆哒哒真不错哒哒嘣嘣的声音!达姆哒哒真不错哒哒嘣嘣的声音!that’s for Clay, I’ll let him figure out what it says. Love to you both.

  7. Rebecca (Hull) Bennett

    Awwww! It’s perfect, I love it! So glad everything is working out so smoothly for you guys. Thank you for sharing. I get excited when I see a new email about your blog 🙂 Keep the pictures coming.

  8. Patty Broadway

    I’m thrilled for you to have a “real” kitchen! What a fast and furious two weeks you’ve experienced – an apartment, a scooter, a new country, a new job, a new life. What a whirlwind! Congrats: The apartment appears quite large compared to what I imagined, and oh how wonderful to have the rooftop space; I hope you were able to enjoy today’s full moon from your sky porch! What a comfort a full moon can be, making the world a smaller place. You must be having a blast because your blog is a continuous smile transcribed. (Oh, and I am definitely inviting you to my house to teach me how to cook Chinese food. Which reminds me: A couple foraging their fridge for breakfast found only leftovers from Chinese take-out the night before. “Who eats Chinese food for breakfast?” said the wife. “Over a billion Chinese,” said her husband. 🙂 God bless and keep you!

  9. Patty Broadway

    Liv, where are you washing clothes? & do you have a washing machine, or are you using more rudimentary methods?

    • There is a coin laundry down the street from us, but right now we are doing it by hand, just to experience life a little more lol. We are thinking about giving that up and taking it to the laundromat instead because it gets a little tiring. 🙂 Thank you for your blessings! We will gladly try and teach you to cook authentic Chinese food although we haven’t tried it ourselves yet.

  10. Nick described to us this morning the more rudimentary methods. They do have a story to tell.

  11. im soo happy for yall. seems like a great adventure !!

  12. howard bowers

    Awesome!!!!Sounds like you two are having a blast.I love the shower!

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