Some Long Awaited Updates

Hello all!

I’m so sorry we have kept you all on the edges of your seats, but we are back with lots of fun stuff to share with you. 😀  Put on your seat belts, cuz this is going to be a long ride.

So, Nick told you about our flight and the first day (look back at the post, there are some pictures now), but A LOT has happened since then.  Remember that culture shock we talked about earlier, well we’ve been experiencing that, but it has been GREAT, so thanks for your prayers!!  First of all, we have to tell you that the people here in Taiwan are so kind and friendly.  We have been having such a great time at training with the native Taiwanese people who have been our counselors.  They have taken us all over the city, which by the way, is amazing.  Here’s a glimpse of what we see while walking around (which is the main mode of transportation we have used while here, so our feet are being put to the test).

The street the NAER is on

The same street at night. Don’t you love all the lights?

Scooters Scooters EVERYWHERE!!!!!

On the second day of training, we went to a Ceramic museum then a place where we were able to do some indigo dying.  The museum gave us the history of ceramics, and had some creative and beautiful works of art.  We were also stared at by little kids on field trips, and our shining moment was when some girls asked to take a picture with us.  We were overjoyed at this request and quickly said yes.  So for all you back home you can now tell your friends that you know some celebrities. 😀  Indigo dying was a wonderful experience as well.  It’s basically like doing tye dye, but in Taiwan, so it’s so much cooler already.  Nick and I made some wonderful works of art, and Nick got lots of compliments on his.

Did YOU know toilets were museum worthy?

Nick and I thought this was a cute work of art, made entirely out of ceramic. Now that’s some talent!

Every night after training, we usually walk around the city and take in the local culture and food.  There are some very interesting things here.  One of the things that has surprised me the most is seeing a whole family on a scooter.  Yes, I said whole family, including a dad, mom, two kids, and some times a dog.  In addition to this, we love seeing street vendors selling an array of Taiwanese delicacies like roast corn and stinky tofu.  Everything here is so open, most store fronts open right onto the streets and don’t have doors.  One night when we were walking around, it was our fellow teacher and friend Van’s birthday, so we stopped at a bakery.  We sang her happy birthday in Chinese and enjoyed some milk tea and cake (complete with candles).

Van blowing out her candles

Our most recent adventure was shopping on and old street nearby that had different food vendors and shops.  We passed a temple where some monks were singing songs to scare away ghosts.  In the Chinese calendar this is the month of ghosts, so we have seen several different things celebrating this.  Along our walk, our counselor got a pig’s blood rice cake for us to try.  We were hesitant at first, but she said it was very good and a traditional food here…so we tried it!  I am still in shock that I ate something made with blood, but it actually was kinda good.  It was sweet and had peanut powder sprinkled on top.  We suggest that if you are ever in Taiwan, you should take the plunge and try some.  In addition to this, we had some ice cream that is in a croissant instead of a cone, it was very tasty. 🙂 The last stop on our tour was a local restaurant where they brought us tons of food complete with a whole fish!  It was all very tasty and we were so full by the time we left!

Monks playing to scare the ghosts away.

Pig’s blood rice cake.

Ice cream!!!

SO much food and this is just the half of it!

Today we head out to our island Penghu.  Please pray that we get acquainted with the people in our school and the area where we will be living.  Good news!  We found out from some friends here at training that there is a church on our island that we can attend!  Please pray that we can get involved there very quickly and start doing God’s work in our community.  We still don’t have a place to live, so pray that we find somewhere quickly.  We are really looking forward to this week and the rest of this year.  We will miss our counselors and fellow teachers, but we know we’ll be able to see them again soon! 🙂

Love you all!

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6 thoughts on “Some Long Awaited Updates

  1. YAY! I know y’all are exhausted after all your training, but we’re so glad you’re posting so we can share your adventure. You’re in our thoughts and prayers! Can’t wait to hear about the island! Know that we love and miss you.

  2. I would have made the first comment if I had not said something to my wife. So I am making the second comment. It sounds like you are having a ball Liv. We loved having you and Nick present last night by Skype and having the whole fam around the table at dinner time! So you posted this around 11 a.m. on Friday? What time does your flight leave for Penghu? May you be a wonderful blessing to the children of Mangong City. So glad you may have a church for fellowship with fellow followers of Christ. Peace to you both. We love you so very much.

  3. Clay

    Mom and I love the pics and the posts. Love the orange caution cones in front of the Monks. Saw a word in English in the city pic. “Wow” Sums our thoughts. And yes, the ceramic is amazing! Can’t wait to hear about how they do church there in Penghu. We love you both and are with you in thoughts all the time!
    Love mom and dad.

  4. Gert DeKruyf

    It’s so nice to share in your adventures!

  5. Auntie

    I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying your adventure! Can’t wait to hear all about the island where you will be living. I’m also thrilled that you will have a church to become involved in. Liv, you are far braver than I, as I’m not sure I would be willing to taste, let alone eat something made with “pigs blood!” 我的爱和祈祷你俩!“

  6. Can’t wait to hear if you and all your stuff made it to PengHu!

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