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Adventure is out there!!!

What’s this big adventure we speak of?

Yesterday, Nick and I found out that we’ve been accepted to teach English in Taiwan!  This is big news for us because we’ve been talking about teaching abroad for about a year now, and it’s finally becoming a reality.  We have been assigned to Wenau Elementary School in Penghu County.  Just like you, we had never heard of Penghu county before, so we did what any normal person would, and googled it.  Turns out Penghu county is an archipelago made up of about 90 islands and looks absolutely breath taking.


This is just one of the many beautiful views from our new home.  Are you jealous yet?

Where exactly is Penghu county you ask?

Well, we asked the same question, so lucky for you, we now have an answer for you.  Penghu is located on the western side of Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait.  If you’re a visual learner, Penghu is in red on this handy dandy map. 🙂


Just one more thing.

In our research on Taiwan we found out that only 2% of their population is Christian, and that has really been on our hearts and minds.  While we are not officially going to Penghu as missionaries, we plan to live our lives on mission for Christ and would greatly appreciate your prayers and encouragement as we embark on this new journey!  We’re so excited!

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